Hollow squid bodies that can easily be rigged. Available in a 2 pack with 6" squids or 3 pack of 5" squids in pink, glow, or natural clear / blue

SQUIDS-IT:  Here’s a hot item for any fish that eats squid.  Approximately 3/8 oz. with a heavy duty hook molded into the body.  The overall  length is 5 – 5.5” available in 5 colors: clear / silver sparkle, green / silver sparkle, blue / silver sparkle, pink / silver sparkle and the ever popular glow  / silver sparkle. This is a must have item for any fluke fisherman.

SEA-PUP:  Made with DuraFoam and through wire construction. Two actions in one lure. Reeled slowly you can walk the dog. Increasing speed will cause the lure to dive. Use your imagination with this one …. It’s a keeper.  Approximate weight 2 ½  oz. Three 3/0 extra strong VMC hooks

SEA-DUCER: Made with DuraFoam and through wire construction.  A wide body free floating surface lure that has irresistible side to side action. A great wounded pogy, menhaden, bunker; call it what you want ….. imitator.  Two 3/0 extra strong Mustad hooks. Approximate weight 2 ¼ oz.  

Stainless Steel Cod  Jigs:  Heavy duty split rings and extra strong trebele hooks Norewigan Style. Available in 3 weights approximate weights 14, 17.5, and 21 oz.

SEA-DIVA: Made with DuraFoam and through wire construction.  A slim body swimmer with an unbelievable wiggle.  Anything that hits a mackerel won’t resist this lure. Three 4/0 extra strong Mustad hooks.  Approximate weight  4oz.

SUPER COD JIG ( SCJ-18 and SCJ -9) SPECIAL HOLOGRAPHIC: Heavy duty 9 oz. and 18 oz. jigs available in attractive colors with or without a 12/0 tubed single hook or  Mustad heavy duty treble. Colors:  SCJ-18 Green / gold, Blue Flash, Flo. Ora Flash, Flo. Pink Flash, and Silver Flash.  All jigs also have a glow in the dark belly stripe.

SCJ-9 are available in the 3 colors shown

Sea-Squirt Popper Slightly larger than the Pin-eek popper this lure floats, rattles, has a head hole for extra surface spray. Approximately 1 3/8 oz. High quality extra sharp VMC hooks.

SEA-DUCER MAGNUM:  Made with DuraFoam and through wire construction.  A larger version of the above lure. Great casting weight. Two 4/0 extra strong Mustad hooks     Approximate weight 3 5/8 oz. 

Heavy duty rigged umbrellas: Available in either holographic shads in our silverside tube lures or shads in blackback or blueback. These rigs are set up with 4 hooked lures on the outside on an 80 lb. mono leader that has a quick change snap. The inside of the umbrella has teasers with a buzz blade in the center.

Mon-Gata Minnows: approximately 6” long and 1 oz. These realistic, rattling swimmers will dive about 5’. High quality extra sharp VMC hooks add to the stability of this product.Type your paragraph here.

Pin-eek Popper:  Nice top water plug creates lots of commotion and rattles too. Approximately 7/8 oz. High quality extra sharp VMC hooks.

Seaflies: Extra Strong stainless steel hooks in 4/0 or 2/0. Colors are pink flash or chartruese flash. 2 hooks per pack.

BIG EYE BALL JIGS:  These big eye ball jigs are super for fluke!  They come individually packaged, dressed with a heavy duty 7/0 Mustad O’Shaunessy hook and a 5” squid.  Available in 3 approximate sizes 4 oz., 6 oz. , and 8oz.
Popular colors include: white, yellow / orange, and silver flash.


Umbrella rig available in  4 arm or 6 arm. Constructed with extra heavy duty ss spring tempered wire, Quickconnect clips, 12" 100 lb. test mono leaders, buzz blade spinner. 10 /0 Mustad hooks. Colors: red, black, white, sand eel, fl green, tinker tubes in blue and green. Combinations available, red / black shown.

Sting holographic jig:  CB-2 model is a slim curved body lure that has an enticing wobble. Available in the 4 colors shown.  Available in 4 approximate weights: 3/4 oz., 1.25 oz., 2.75 oz., and 3.75oz.

Buzz Blade Spinner:  A great way to add flash to tubes, umbrellas etc . Heavy duty chrome plated brass blade hammered on one side. The blade itself is approximately 1 7/8" x 2". 

Sting holographic jig:  CB model is a wide curved body lure that has an enticing wobble. Available in 4 colors: mackerel, black flash, blue flash, green flash. Available in 4 approximate weights: 3/4 oz., 1.25 oz., 2.75 oz., and 3.75oz.